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Papersoon fabric photoshoot

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Our story

Bilberry was born out of a love for arts, crafts and an admiration for people pursuing their own creative path in life.

The passion, skill and determination of local craftspeople is incredible! They've had a tough time especially when pitted against imported, cheap, unregulated products from asia and further afield.

The value and uniqueness of locally made products is often lost on most shop goers. Bilberry aims to shift that balance and highlight the incredible skill and effort that goes into producing works of art.


Why Bilberry?

Bilberries are delicious little berries that resemble blueberries in appearance. You can find wild bilberry bushes growing in many areas of North Yorkshire.

Bilberry's founders discovered a vast amount of bilberry bushes on one of their regular walks in Cropton forest. Their kids couldn't stop eating the low growing, juicy bilberries and even spotted an unexpected Bilberry sign deep in the forest. It left a lasting impression and became our brand name.

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Where we're based

Bilberry is based at The Gallery in Malton, North Yorkshire. If you'd like to discuss a collaboration or advertising opportunities we'd be happy to arrange a meeting.

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